Montronix – History

MONTRONIX was founded 1990 as spin-off of Kennametal, Inc.. Thanks to its progressive company philosophy, MONTRONIX quickly made a name for itself in this specialized field of industrial tool and process monitoring. Our top priority
is customer satisfaction. Well over 20.000 systems installed and the fact that end customers and machine tool builders worldwide have specified MONTRONIX systems as their standard speak for themselves – and for us!

MONTRONIX was acquired by the Swiss company Growth Finance AG in 2001 and relies on about 100 employees worldwide. This private group of investors focuses on the market segments process control and automation and invests in companies that emphasize future-oriented technologies and exhibit great potential for growth. With this kind of strategic and financial backing, MONTRONIX can develop and pursue long-term business initiatives.

Solid finances, 5 global locations, our continuously improved products as well as an expanding spectrum of potential applications and reliable, user-friendly solutions make MONTRONIX your best partner in implementing a truly modern and
lean production line.

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