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The Montronix WiFi BoxNG sends the signals of the sensor PulseNG easily via WLAN for signal evaluation to your notebook. The built-in lithium polymer battery provides up to 15 hours of, continous independent power supply for 3D vibration measurements.

Your maintenance discovered foresighted potential defects and determines the current machine status thru comparison with the recorded "fingerprint" of your machine.

Your process technologists can optimize the cutting data effectively using the visualization software of Montronix, increase tool life as well as production and create comparative analyzes.

So you achieve maximum benefit and ROI.

  • Mobile 3D vibration analysis for machine condition determination and cutting data optimization
  • Independent use in machines and systems thanks to wireless technology
  • Monitoring of bearings, linear axes (ball Screws, guidance systems , etc.)
  • Process analyses, Prozess optimation
  • Condition Monitoring
Type Description
Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) ca. 130 x 85 x 35
Housing Die-cast aluminum
Weight ca. 450 g
Protection class IP54
Temperature range Operation 0 bis 50°C / Storage -20 bis 70°C
Relative humidity 0 bis 95 % noncondensing
Voltage supply 18-30 V DC
Current consumption 500 mA max.
Fuse 250 V 4A slow
Standard IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g
Security WEP 64/128, WPA-PSK, TKIP, AES, end-to-end-encryption
Reception range Up to 100 m in buildings
Norms EN 60950-1 / EN 301489-17
Frequency range 2,412 - 2,484 GHz
Rated output 14 dBm +11,5 dBm -1,0 dBm
Max. reception -10 dBm (with PER <8 %)
Modulation OFDM, DSSS, CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK, 64 QAM, 16 QAM
Battery run-time ~ 15 h

With the WiFi BoxNG an extensive machine diagnostics and troubleshooting capability is possible.

These include:

  • Investigation of spindle bearings and other bearings (bearings state / unbalance)
  • Wear of ball screw drives and guiding carriage /-rails
  • Servo settings / errors in measuring systems
  • Loose in: Guides/ guiding carriage, mounting plate
  • Lubrication mechanics and tools
  • Basic reference line for rapid diagnostics of the complete machine (Machine characteristics / „fingerprint“ of the machine)
  • Breaks in the structure / in the machine base
  • External process influences from the environment
  • Distortions of the machine in the dynamics
  • Energy supply chains
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