BV100Technical specificationsApplications

The BV100 sensor combined with the TSVA2-DGM amplifier and connected to a SPECTRA™ electronic unit is
the perfect solution for:

  • Fault detection in process
  • State monitoring of tools
  • Machine diagnostics

The BV100 sensor measures the mechanical vibration of the machine structure resulting from the cutting process (up to 10 kHz) to detect missing tools, broken tools, and severe process faults. It can also be used to monitor excessive vibration on bearings or spindles.

This sensor also measures acoustic emission (AE) energy - the high frequency (50 kHz to 400 kHz) energy signals produced by the cutting process. The AE signal is ideal for breakage detection of small-diameter drills and taps.

This sensor is easy to install on both new and existing machines. It was designed for use on machining centers with a wide variety of tools.The BV100 sensor is supplied with a signal conditioning TSVA2-DGM amplifier. This amplifier is sealed (IP67 rating), and can be placed within the machining environment.

The amplifier is attached to the BV100 using a 5 meter cable. Cables up to 30 meters long can connect the amplifier to the controller.

Type Description
Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) 18 x 38 x 20 (without cable connector)
Weight included cable ca. 300 g
Housing stainless Steel
Protection class IP67
Temperature range Operation: -40 bis 80 °C / Storage: -40 bis 100 °C
Relative humidity 0 to 95 % non-condensing
Cable 4-core with shielding stainless steel over-braid, M12 threaded joint with interfacial seal, PUR (polyurethane) covering, approx. 5 m long
Certification CE, CSA, ETL
Voltage supply ± 15 V DC
Isolation to ground > 1 MΩ
Output impedance <100 Ω
Current consumption 3 - 6 mA
Shock resistance, overload surge (pulse 0.5 ms) 7000 g
Frequency range 0,1 Hz - 500 kHz
Sensitivity, ± 10 % 60 dB, (Ref. 1 V/m/s-1 ) / 100 mV/g
Mounting one screw M6 x 1 x 16


  • Tool monitoring (tool breakage, missing tool)
  • Detection of collisions
  • Measuring of vibrations for the detection of process failures

Field of Application

  • On tool machines within all industrial areas