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Montronix force sensors RetroBoltSG-Mxx are single-axis, strain gauge force sensors available in various configurations. By integrating a preamplifier, RetroBoltSG-Mxx sensors provide excellent sensitivity and a low-impedance, practically drift-Iess signal output.

Mounted by a single bolt in a package together with solid shims, a RetroBoltSG-Mxx sensor measures the strain on the bolt head. This strain is caused by internal forces (compression and tension) of the manufacturing process. Thus, the RetroBoltSG-Mxx sensors offer real force monitoring without having to make any changes to the machine. They are particularly suited to detect collisions as weil as missing or broken tools.

Their small size, their single-bolt mounting, and thelr robust construction make the RetroBoltSG-Mxx force sensors perfectly suited for industrial monitoring applications.

Type Description
Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) dependent on type
Weight included cable approx. 465 bis 630 g dependent on type
Housing stainless Steel
Protection class IP67
Temperature range Operation 0 bis 60 °C / Storage -45 bis 80 °C
Relative humidity 0 to 95 % non-condensing
Cable 5-core with shielding stainless steel over-braid, M12 threaded joint with interfacial seal, PUR (polyurethane) covering, 5 m long
Voltage supply ±15 V DC
Outout voltage ±10 V DC
Output impedance < 100 Ω
Current consumption +6 / -1 mA
Overload capability 60 to 240 kN, dependent on type
Certification CE, CSA, ETL
Mounting one bolt M10 - M20, dependent on type


  • Tool monitoring (broken tool, missing tool)
  • Collision monitoring
  • Recognition of incorrect dimensions of parts

Field of Application

  • Machine tools (esp. Turning lathes, turret index machines) in all areas of industry