Digital drive data DDD are the standard or an excellent extension of the Montronix process monitoring. A corresponding monitoring can be based exclusively on DDD data, but can also be implemented in connection with external sensors.

With the help of the Digital drive data can be monitored for up to 16 drives or axes. In addition to DDD, conventional sensors can also be used. This enables very extensive and precise recording of process differences. All machine types can be monitored via the DDD drive data. The prerequisite, however, is an "open" CNC control from Siemens, Fanuc or Indramat. The DDD bus data is read in either via Profinet or Profibus.

The SpectraNG und Spectra One systems are to be used as an external solution (in the control cabinet). . This allows the machine manufacturer to integrate the systems quickly and individually. Retrofitting by the end customer is also possible without any problems. The adaptation of the DDD bus data is based on the same principle as with all other sensors. The procedure for setting the parameters can thus be retained. The operator decides which of the measured drives provides the most meaningful signal. The monitoring parameters are then set automatically.

The advantages of the Montronix DDD bus data are:

  • Easy integration with “Open CNC”
  • Monitors bus data from up to 16 drives or axes
  • Additionally monitors up to 8 external sensors
  • Due to the bus interface for data acquisition, no external sensors are required
  • Monitors tool breakage and wear
  • Serves for preventive maintenance
  • Monitors "Machine Overload"
  • Monitors machine collisions, a suitable physical sensor (force or vibration sensor) must also be used here