• The PulseNG Kit serves as permanently installed diagnostic tool for machines and machining centers. In principle, the PulseNG Kit consists of the PulseNG sensor and the interface IBU-NG.

    The software provided as user interface for the PulseNG monitoring system is titled PulseNG -hmi.

    PulseNG -hmi runs under Microsoft Windows XP®, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    PulseNG -hmi provides process visualization for the different scenarios and serves to check and set individual parameters and limits.

    Basic functions:

    • Built in text log for more than 4000 events
    • Generates output in approx. ≤ 1 millisecond upon a Collision!
    • Reaction time for vibration-overload is approx. ≤ 1 millisecond
    • Reduces the risk of premature failure of spindles and dynamic machine components

    Advanced functions:

    • Automated Machine self diagnostics
    • Simple Process Monitoring
    • Optimization of machining & process parameters
    • MTX-ServiceAgent software for collecting raw and filter data


    • Simple, but complete Realtime Tool & Process monitoring system consisting of sensor & electronics
    • MEM’s based tri-axial accelerometer (X, Y and Z)
    • Quick & easy installation on spindle / machine member & in electrical cabinet
    • Teach function for easier system-setup
    • Economically Priced

    More details can be found in the technical specifications.

  • TypeDescription
    Dimensions (HxWxD in mm) approx. 120 x 42 x 120
    Housing Aluminum attachable to DIN rail accord. to EN 50022
    Weight approx. 370 g
    Protection class IP40
    Temperature range Operation 0 to 50°C / Storage -20 to 70°C
    Relative humidity 0 bis 95 % noncondensing
    Voltage supply 18-30 V DC
    Current consumption 300 mA max.
    * Reacton time ≤ 1 ms
    Inputs 18-30 V DC, 20 mA
    Outputs 30 V DC, 100 mA
    EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) EN 61326-1: 2006-5
    * with MUX-NG up to ≤ 3 ms  
  • With the PulseNG kit an extensive machine diagnostics and troubleshooting capability is possible.

    These include:

    • Turning Machines
    • Machining Centers
    • Grinding Machines
    • Special Purpose Machines
    • Transfer Lines
    • Part loading systems
    • Robots
    • Other industrial material handling systems