EU project


Manufacturing companies face the challenge of delivering high quality products of increasing complexity, with limited use and waste of resources."Zero Defect Manufacturing” (ZDM) is a recent paradigm aiming at going beyond traditional six-sigma approaches. The aim of the ForZDM project is to develop and demonstrate tools to support the rapid deployment of ZDM solutions in the industry and to design more competitive and robust multi-stage manufacturing systems.

The ForZDM methodology expands current single process boundaries towards a production line perspective, which allows to contrast defects before, during and after their generation through diagnosis, preventive and corrective mechanisms, applied with real-time, medium term and long term control actions.


ForZDM will be based in the following pillars:

    ZDM 1
  1. Flexible data acquisition system [different sensor systems]
  2. New data analysis tool [correlation & root cause analysis]
  3. Cyber Physical Systems for defect generation & propagation [Defect avoidance solutions & compensation policies before end of the line]
  4. Overall optimization of inspection, control and corrective actions [system level]
  5. Custom HMIs [adaptation of production targets and line management strategies]
  6. Distributed control system [quality and logistics optimization]



More information about the project can be found here