Software SPECTRA™ -hmi

Montronix software solutions offer users as hmi (human - machine - interface) with optimum access to the functions of the hardware.

In addition to the newly developed " SPECTRA™ -hmi " software that can be installed both directly on the machine - as well as external display devices (eg SPECTRA™ Vision) - set we Diagnostic and statistical tools (MVIEW, NetMView) and other visualization software for NG products (PulseNG -hmi and PulseNG-Diag) ago.

The newly developed Montronix process visualization software " SPECTRA™ -hmi " is technically advanced:


  • Representation of 12 sensors windows , configurable number
  • User management with 6 password-protected access levels
  • Offline logfile player with filter function
  • Proof of quality - 100 % documentation possible
  • Offline optimization
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Data redundancy (SPECTRA™ and PC)
  • Operating Systems MS Windows NT4 *, 2000 *, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10, Linux
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